Projector Structure

The core technology in many top selling projector brands available worldwide

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LCD Panel

1. LCD panel type

There are various types of LCD panels, each suitable for different applications.

Chart explaining the different LCD Panel types.

2. What is HTPS?

HTPS is an abbreviation of High Temperature Poly-Silicon, an active matrix transmissive LCD. It's superior in that it is smaller, has higher resolution and higher contrast, and can embed drivers. The main function of HTPS is as a light valve for projectors.

Chart explaining HTPS, High Temperature Poly-Silicon

3. HTPS features

HTPS has a thin-film transistor (TFT) generated by poly-silicon in each pixel. These pixel transistors act as a conduction switch by changing the scan line's voltage. They are produced in the same way as semiconductors. They are small and highly reliable because they can easily be miniaturized (pixelation or high open area ratio) and drivers can be generated on substrates by processing at a high temperature.