Purchasing a Projector


  • Brightness is the #1 Consideration for Projector Buyers*
  • Brightness is measured in Lumens
  • The Best Way to Compare Projectors is to Compare Lumens Measured with an International Standard

ISO Lumens

  • Based on Established
    ISO Standard (ISO21118)
  • Standardized in 1992
  • Industry Accepted Method
  • Used Globally for Over 20 Years

“LED Lumens”

  • Not an Industry Accepted Term
  • No Established Standard
  • No International Acceptance

Don’t Be Misled

Beware of non-standardized methods to determine the light output of a projector. “LED Lumens” is not an industry accepted term. “LED Lumens” is not based on any standard and may have been developed with the intent to persuade or even mislead consumers. "LED Lumen” claims may also reference the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch Effect (HK effect), for which there is also no standard and no industry agreement on its relevance to projector brightness measurements.

*TFCinfo Purchase Criteria Study